A Voice of Encouragement


Your Money, Your Life

Can you identify with any of these sentiments?

If so, this book may be for you.

  • I didn’t receive enough financial education in school
  • I feel that I don’t understand finances well enough
  • I can’t seem to avoid credit card debt
  • I would like to start investing but am unsure of where to begin
  • I am in a hole, financially, and unsure of how to work my way out of it

Randy Todhunter

Randy Todhunter enjoyed a successful career in IT, but has also discovered success as an individual investor. With a bachelor’s degree in computer science and an MBA, he has had the opportunity to learn and employ good financial practices both in his career and personal life. Finding himself with the occasional privilege of mentoring others regarding finances, he was inspired to pen this book as a guide to anyone seeking help in those areas. He is excited and passionate about enabling others to chart their own paths to financial success.

Randy enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, and makes his home in Arkansas.

Praise for Your Money, Your Life

Randy has written the perfect primer and reminder of the elements of sustainable success. He demonstrates that success is a function of planning, character, and skill, offering ways to grow in each. I love the tone of the book, as you can hear Randy cheering the reader along on every page.

Kirby Clark

Vice President, Strategic Financial Planning & Analysis, ABF Freight

Todhunter’s book passes down wisdom in identifying the guiding principles to everything financial in easily grasped concepts. The style is very readable, and chapters can be read independently based on your needs. This is not a get-rich-quick book like so many but an investment (or reminder for some) in solid financial and life principles.

Jeff Adams

Assistant Director, Career Services, for a public university