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Your Money, Your Life

Can you identify with any of these sentiments? If so, this book may be for you.

  • I didn’t receive enough financial education in school
  • I feel that I don’t understand finances well enough
  • I can’t seem to avoid credit card debt
  • I would like to start investing but am unsure of where to begin
  • I am in a hole, financially, and unsure of how to work my way out of it

In this common-sense approach to personal financial management, Randy presents twenty-five natural principles about life and money. Understanding and applying these principles can dramatically enhance your effectiveness in managing your financial life.

The principles can be a great help if you are unsure how to effectively handle your finances, you feel the cards are stacked against you, or you fear you will never be able to rise above your current situation. Randy walks you through the various principles at work in your struggles as well as the steps needed to overcome them. This will give you a fresh, optimistic outlook, perhaps for the first time, in managing your finances.

This book is for both young people just out of high school or college, and those of any age who have struggled to achieve financial success in their lives. Presented in an easy-to-read, informal style, the book will not only educate, but will also encourage and inspire you in your journey to financial wholeness.

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