Praise for Your Money, Your Life

If you are looking for a practical but detailed book on how to improve your financial situation, then Your Money, Your Life is for you. In his book, Randy Todhunter shares principles on how you can become financially successful. He specifically mentions that if a person will treat the principles he shares with thoughtfulness and consideration, there will be a reward financially. The principles Randy shares will do that, but let me share that this book will require some thought and effort on your part. This is a very well-written and useful book. If your financial situation is broken or in need of repair, following the principles and guidance he gives will, without question, improve your finances.

Bill Fink
Pastor and board member of Community Rescue Mission

In this book, author Randy Todhunter not only hits on all cylinders for financial success, but his principles touch on many aspects for successful living! If you are struggling financially and need tools for finding your path to financial freedom, or if you just need encouragement to live your life with purpose, integrity, and a vision, this is the book for you! Well-written, in verbiage that meets even the most novice of readers looking for financial resources. A must read!

Jennifer Steele, EdS
Assistant Director of Athletics and Activities, Fort Smith Public Schools, Fort Smith, Arkansas

Randy’s new book is packed with seasoned wisdom. Every chapter challenges us to learn and grow to be better stewards of what God has blessed us with.

Dr. Scott Clark

This book is encouraging, thought-provoking, and uplifting. A book that all high school students, especially juniors and seniors, as well as college students, would benefit from reading. I definitely enjoyed reading the book and would recommend it to others. It was exceptionally well-written in a way that made it an easy read and explained finances in an easy-to-understand fashion. Randy also encourages the reader to take responsibility and change the course of their destiny, rather than placing blame on others for their failures. The reader is encouraged to believe in themselves regardless of past failures.

Jan Marshall
Retired high school business teacher

Someone said, ‘Put your money where your mouth is.’ I’ll spare you the wordy review and just tell you that I’m buying 25 copies of Your Money, Your Life to share with my adult children, nieces and nephews, young friends, and students I have the privilege of mentoring at my church and in our local schools.

Tim Bailey
President, Candy Craze

Randy Todhunter has packed a lot of great stuff into this concise, easy-to-read book. I am impressed by the whole-life approach as he blends overall points of personal success with a philosophy for financial health. Teaching as he writes, he gives those who are new to personal finance an introduction to important concepts and vocabulary, as well as a practical framework to begin their journey.

Zena Featherston Marshall
Executive Director, Community & Business Partnerships, Fort Smith Public Schools

I believe young adults and above will benefit from this book. Young adults need to learn good habits/principles to live by and why it’s important to be financially sound. But, as a 50-year-old, I also felt refreshed reading it, because Randy helped remind me of some principles I should live by.

I feel like it was a great look into the psychology and mindset of a human as far as financial habits go. While reading, I felt more like I was receiving advice from a long-time friend/mentor.

Randy’s book is easy to read and follow. The chapters were short and sweet and held my attention. The writing style in the book has more of a communication with a friend feel to it.

Jennifer Craig
High school business teacher

This book’s title – Your Money, Your Life – says subtly what its pages cover in illuminating detail: money and life are intricately intertwined. The principles offered are as much about being your best self as they are about attaining financial success. The author is like a wise and friendly coach, warmly and patiently offering sound advice and gentle guidance for all stages of one’s financial life, from preparing to start a career to retirement. Full of encouragement and simple terminology, it is an easy book to read, even for a financial novice. I recommend this book if you are looking for greater understanding and control of your money … and your life.

Chris Burton
Retired analytics executive for a large supply chain provider

My experience working with young adults has made it quite evident to me that obtaining financial success is neither something that is taught in schools nor something that can be done entirely with common sense. We need people like Randy, who drew on his vast experience of how to live a good financial life when writing in Your Money, Your Life. These helpful twenty-five fundamental principles about life and money are essential for young adults. That isn’t frightening in this book; it’s achievable. A young person who reads this book and applies its principles will be setting themselves up for success in life.

Blake Pesetsky
Campus Pastor, Central Christian Church

This book highlights several financial skills and concepts that many young adults are not exposed to during high school. Several chapters of the book not only highlight important financial skills but also important life skills.

Sarah Emmons
Student at the University of Tulsa

Randy has written the perfect primer and reminder of the elements of sustainable success. He demonstrates that success is a function of planning, character, and skill, offering ways to grow in each. I love the tone of the book, as you can hear Randy cheering the reader along on every page.

Kirby Clark
Vice President, Strategic Financial Planning & Analysis, ABF Freight

As someone who works with teenage students every day, simple straightforward truths about skills to succeed in life are needed more than ever. Your Money, Your Life is packed with understandable and bite-sized advice that will encourage and equip rather than overwhelm or criticize. Randy has put together a resource that can help create a firm foundation for your financial journey and be kept as an easily searchable source to pull off the shelf when needing a tip in any one of the many principles it covers.

Braxton Schulte
Student pastor of Central Christian Church

If you are someone who wishes their financial decisions were more successful, this book is for you. Not only does Randy Todhunter describe the principles necessary to improve your financial situation, he also describes what it takes to live a successful life.

Wesley (Wes) B. Kemp
President & CEO – ABF Freight System Inc (Retired),
Executive in Residence (Currently Serving), Walton College of Business, University of Arkansas

I found Your Money, Your Life to be a timely reminder of the principles of financial management without complex technical how-tos that may turn off a reader who thinks finances involves too much math. Todhunter’s book passes down wisdom in identifying the guiding principles to everything financial in easily grasped concepts. The style is very readable, and chapters can be read independently based on your needs. This is not a get-rich-quick book like so many but an investment (or reminder for some) in solid financial and life principles.

Jeff Adams
Assistant Director, Career Services, for a public university

I didn’t know a book could strike you with the sheer force of an 18-wheeler. Your Money, Your Life has crystal clear messages that rekindled a path for me to financial success. My spending was blinded by current trends and savvy marketing, but this book has allowed me to better understand my daily and life expenses. Young readers, it’s time to be reminded that our finances are controlled by our own actions.

Edward Merida
Social Media Coordinator/Corporate Recruiter, TEC Staffing Services

Phenomenal! This book has the potential to change the course of many lives. There are so many good pointers that I will be revisiting it for many years to come!

Abigail Bramlett
College student

I enjoyed this book very much! Mr. Todhunter surely met his goal with this easy to read, down-to-earth, and informative book. His writing style is exactly like talking to a favorite uncle.

Melinda Briscoe
Retired high school business teacher